About Us

Melanin Medics is an online platform that aims to motivate, educate and influence those wishing to pursue a career in the medical fieldĀ and give young people an insight to the life of various medical students from the UK.

From the trials and tribulations to the joyous peaks of pursuing a career in medicine, this blog is here to answer your questions.

We will feature success stories, advice, answer your questions, give an insight to medical school life and many more. We’re currently based in the UK so many of the experiences shared are specific to studying in the UK, however in the future we plan to expand and feature posts from around the world but in the mean time please bear with us. Similarly, we’re currently focusing on Medicine however a lot of the advice given crosses over for different healthcare courses e.g. Dentistry, Nursing, Midwifery etc and as we expand in the future we plan to feature posts specific to these courses.