Doctor’s Network

Are you an UK African-Caribbean Doctor interested in networking with other African-Caribbean Doctor’s in the UK? Or are you interested in playing an active role helping the next generation of black medics and passionate about Widening Access to Medicine.


The Melanin Medics Doctor’s Network is comprised of a group of African Caribbean Doctors based all across the UK. By developing our fast-growing Doctor’s Network, we aim to provide exciting networking opportunities for African-Caribbean doctors & medical student,  connect medical students with doctor’s currently working in their in specialities of interest and facilitate work experience opportunities for prospective medical students.

As part of the MM Doctor’s Network, we may:

  • Invite you to speak at MM events being held near you
  • Contact you to be a part of our MM Outreach Schemes held near you
  • Connect Medical Students with Doctor’s in Specialities of Interest & mentoring
  • Invite you to attend our networking events in the near future, providing you with the opportunity to meet various African-Caribbean doctors around the UK.
  • Facilitate Work Experience opportunities for prospective Medical students in the near future
  • Email you our Quarterly Newsletter

You may also write content on our blog if you wish and/ or advise/mentor current Medical Students and Medical School Leavers as they transition into their working lives as African-Caribbean Doctors in the UK.

If you choose to join our Doctor’s Network, we understand that each individual has various commitments in their everyday lives and so we are willing to work around your schedule as we do not wish for your involvement to be a burden. If you are interested, please fill the form below and we will get back to you.

Who can join?

  • Final Year African-Caribbean Medical Students
  • UK based African-Caribbean Doctor’s

In order for you to be added to our Doctor’s Network Database, we require:

  • Your name
  • Stage in Medical Training
  • Email Address
  • Speciality (if applicable)
  • Location

Just fill in the form below