Get Involved

As a Medical Student

We recently established a Mentorship program for prospective African-Caribbean Medical Students, connecting them with African-Caribbean medical student mentors from all across the UK who have entered Medicine via a variety of routes. If you are interested in being a mentor, contact us. You can also our Medical Students Network and become a Medical School Representative if you wish.

As a Doctor

The Melanin Medics Doctor’s Network is comprised of a group of African Caribbean Doctors based all across the UK. By developing our fast-growing Doctor’s Network, we aim to provide exciting networking opportunities for African-Caribbean doctors & medical student,  connect medical students with doctor’s currently working in their in specialities of interest and facilitate work experience opportunities for prospective medical students.

As an Organisation

Being involved with Melanin Medics will provide you access to the community of African-Caribbean Doctor’s, medical students and prospective medical students from all across the UK through our schemes and events and therefore showing that your organisation recognises the importance of diversity in Medicine.