Donations/ Sponsorship

Why Melanin Medics needs your support

Melanin Medics is a non-profit organisation and we receive no state funding. We currently rely on donations from our audience to run our schemes and events. As with any organisation, we want to provide the best experience possible for those we support and reach out to and to do this we need the support of external parties.

We believe that with your support we will be able to reach our objectives as an organisation:

  • to bring together doctors & medical students of African-Caribbean descent to network & celebrate their achievements
  • to provide the resources and support to prospective medical students in their Medicine Application
  • to positively impact our wider community through our Widening Access to Medicine Outreach and community ‘Health Outreach’ raising money for local charities and educating the public on important health issues

Partnering with Melanin Medics will provide you access to the community of African-Caribbean Doctor’s, medical students and prospective medical students from all across the UK, showing that you or your organisation recognise the importance of diversity.

If you would like to make a direct donation or would like a copy of our ‘Sponsorship Proposal’, send us an email: