Dr Jerome McIntosh

Doctors Network Coordinator & Undergraduate/ Medical School Leavers Mentor

Speciality: Foundation Year 1

Former Medical School: University of Manchester

Why I joined the MM Team:  When I was in school I was always gifted with intelligence and drive, however for me as a Black Caribbean male there were not many male positive role models available to me. Alongside this, unfortunately there was a plethora of negative role models around. It was a difficult process in which I fought for myself and discovered the options available to me. Had I had access to more positive professionals that I could relate to, that were invested in my progress, I feel my progress would have ran much smoother. Unfortunately for many of my friends their lifestyles consumed them and now dictates their futures to some extent.

When I was accepted to university, I vowed I would endeavour to be the role model I and my friends never had. I believe the MM team has an aligned vision with my own. I believe now more than ever, that in order for my dreams to come true I need to combine my skill set and experience with like minded individuals to project a positive forward thinking mindset going forward. I believe MM is a great place to do this.

Interesting Fact: I do athletics in my spare time and I am a national level sprinter.