Ewaola Apooyin

Medical Students Network Coordinator & Undergraduate/ Intercalation Mentor

Year of Study: Intercalating

Medical School: University of Exeter

Why I Joined the MM Team: I am very enthusiastic when it comes to Mentoring and advising people who want to go into a medical career and also bring a positive yet pragmatic attitude to those who want to go into a medical career. I would describe myself as a realist, so I would never lie to a prospective applicant, but would share with them the things that I have gone through both in the application stage and during my time at medical school to give them a true view of what it has been like for me. I am a very open person and will not shy away from sharing my challenges as well as my best moments to enlighten them on what they may experience themselves.

Interesting Fact: I think I have already dreamt my life because I have deja vu all the time!