Khadija Owusu

School Outreach Coordinator & Undergraduate Mentor

Year of Study: Year 3

Medical School: St George’s University of London

Why I joined the MM Team: The MM Mission Statement highlights the importance of education, motivation and having a positive influence on others. All of which I would like to embody. I want to make sure that Afro-Caribbean students are provided with the skills, knowledge and confidence that they need in order to increase their chances of having a successful application for medical school. I love teaching and talking about medicine with prospective students.

The question I always seem to ask myself is: Where are all the prospective Afro-Caribbean medical students? This shouldn’t be a question at all. For this reason, I am very passionate about making sure that we give more Afro-Caribbean students the help and the many opportunities they need to successfully get into Medicine.

Interesting Fact: In 2012, whilst I was in secondary school, I had the opportunity to go to Washington DC for 5 days and meet Barack & Michelle Obama.