Lizkerry Odeh

Medical Education Lead & Undergraduate Mentor 

Year of Study: Year 2

Medical School: St George’s University of London

Why I joined the MM Team: I feel like there is a great lack of African-Caribbean individuals in Medicine and I would love to push against this. Medicine has always been my first and biggest passion, alongside Fitness and after going through the tough application process myself and succeeding, I would find it a privilege to help and inspire others to do the same.

I love the idea of a team pushing black excellence in the Medical field, especially because I think its not the case of we are not capable but more that we don’t have the knowledge of where to even start with applying and the process. I studied Geography at A2 rather than Chemistry which would help show others that there are alternatives in the Medicine Application than the standard application.

Interesting Fact: I’m training to be a personal trainer