Racheal Osei

Social Media Coordinator & Undergraduate Mentor 

Year of Study: Intercalating

Medical School: Bart’s & the London

Why I joined the MM Team: There is an obvious lack of representation when it comes to black people in medical school/the medical field. I believe that for the younger generation, seeing black women especially in the medical field will inspire them to aim high and also provide role models for them. I feel like we really need to support our own especially because there is so little of us and Melanin Medics is a fantastic example of how to do this.

As someone who came from a state school with not the best of grades, my main goal would be to inspire applicants to pursue their goals of applying to medical school even if they don’t have amazing grades and therefore I believe I can add additional insight when it comes to different routes of getting into medical school.

I am hard working, enthusiastic and passionate about increasing the number of black people that apply and receive offers for medical school places.

Interesting Fact: I managed to climb mount Snowden (the tallest mountain in Wales).