Sarah O’Connell

Application Coordinator & Undergraduate Mentor

Year of Study: Year 1

Medical School: Kings College London

Why I joined the MM Team: I joined the MM Team because I have a number of mentors, medical students and doctors who have been following my growth since year 11 and have supported my journey into medical school. I feel as though I have learnt a great deal from them and I would love to share my knowledge with a prospective student, based on my personal experiences and theirs. That way the student will be well equipped for a successful journey into medical school.

I believe I have a duty to help other prospective medical students with their journey into medical school as I was helped immensely by my mentors. I have gathered a large amount of knowledge about the process of applying to medical school, including writing a good personal statement and acing the interview.

Interesting Fact: I am half Nigerian and half Irish