Our Services

In order to meet our aims we intend to take a multifaceted approach supporting prospective medical students, current medical students and healthcare professionals in every way possible. With time we hope to expand our services but listed below are some of the services we currently offer.

Blog Posts

Our blog details the endeavours of UK Medical Students and Medical Professionals; the highs, the lows and everything in-between. From advice to first hand experiences, through our platform we aim to Motivate, Educate and Influence those aspiring to pursue careers in the Medical Field and celebrate the achievements of African-Caribbean healthcare professionals.

Personal Statement Reviewing

A free Personal Statement reviewing service for prospective Medical Students of African-Caribbean descent providing detailed guidance in regards to writing about your work experience, wider reading and extracurricular activities, structuring your personal statement clearly for maximum impact, grammar, spelling and punctuation, writing about your motivation and suitability for medicine and language choice and writing style. With each revision we also provide a detailed analysis and report with clear action points for improvement.

Mentorship & Application Assistance

It is clear that African-Caribbean’s are under-represented in UK Medical Schools and the UK Medical profession as a whole and that was one of the primary reasons why we started Melanin Medics – to increase the admissions of African-Caribbean students into Medical School. We want to provide a mentorship scheme with a difference and that is why we intend to provide specific mentors for specific courses e.g. Undergraduate mentor, Postgraduate mentor, Gap Year mentor, Foundation year mentor, Medicine Abroad mentor and Medical School Leavers mentor for medical students transitioning from university life to working as doctors. Our mentorship scheme will not only provide great support for prospective medical students going through the application process but we also want to ensure longevity of relationships formed. That is why as a mentor we will be personalising our service by featuring frequent video calls, emailing and potentially meeting in person. Our mentorship program will be launching in March so keep an eye out for it.

Widening Access to Medicine Outreach

This will involve us going into certain (non-selective state) schools to run short Medicine taster sessions, application tips and advice and providing an insight to life as a Medical Student/ Doctor. Through this outreach program, we aim to raise aspirations and instil confidence in students encouraging them to pursue careers in Medicine whilst challenging stereotypes. We aim to support young people to develop and explore their interests, introducing them to the range of possibilities and encouraging young people to understand the link between hard work and opportunities whilst developing an awareness of qualifications and route(s) to becoming a doctor.