Why we setup our Mentorship Program

As an organisation, one of our main goals is to increase the admission of African-Caribbean students into Medicine & Dentistry degrees and to support prospective African-Caribbean Medics/ Dentists on their journey to their medical professions, through applying to medical school, during medical school and after medical school. According to Higher Education Statistics Agency in 2015/2016, only 2.4% of all medical students in the UK were African-Caribbean. The GMC List of Medical Practitioners showed that only 3.2% of UK Registered Medical Practitioners were identified as African-Caribbean in 2017. The lack of representation of black ethnic groups in UK medical schools and in Medicine as a whole has become more and more apparent over the years and has resulted in the establishment of our Mentorship program.

mentoringWho our Mentorship Program is for

  • Prospective African-Caribbean Medical Students
    • GCSE students (Year 11)
    • A-Level students (Year 12 & 13)
    • Undergraduate students e.g. Biomedical Science students
  • African Caribbean Medical Students looking to intercalate
  • Final year African-Caribbean Medical Students transitioning to their working lives as doctors

Key Features of our Mentorship Program

  • Specific mentor-mentee matching for specific courses e.g. Undergraduate mentor, Postgraduate mentor, Gap Year mentor, Foundation year mentor, Intercalation mentor, Medicine Abroad and Medical School Leavers mentor for medical students transitioning from university life to working as doctors.
  • Compulsory introductory session for 1-to-1 mentoring e.g. phone call, video call
  • Compulsory monthly follow up to maintain frequent contact and encourage lasting relationships between mentors and mentees
  • Our Mentors contact you via your choice of communication e.g. email, video calls, phone calls, text messaging,

Our Mentors

  • Our in-house team is made up of African-Caribbean Medical Students & Doctors who all have great experience mentoring and are passionate about coaching and providing encouragement every step of the way.
  • Our mentors are all active members of the Melanin Medics Team who have been carefully selected for their role
  • Our Mentors also work to create an individualised service for you, addressing your greatest concerns and needs so that you can get the most out of our Mentorship program
  • Find out a bit more about our mentors on the ‘Meet Our Team’ page.

How Our Mentors Can Help You

  • Advise and coach: provide advice, guidance, and feedback; share their experience and expertise as appropriate; act as a sounding board for ideas and action plans; help with applications e.g. Admissions Tests, Personal Statements, Work Experience,
  • Champion and cheerleader: offer encouragement and support to try new things; help mentees move out their comfort zones; celebrate successes; help mentees understand when things do not go as planned
  • Resource and recommendations: identify resources that will help mentees with personal development and growth, such as recommending books, workshops, or other learning tools; encourage mentees to join networking organizations or introduce them to new contacts
  • Devil’s advocate and “truth-sayer”: provide the tough feedback that mentees need to hear in order to move forward; push mentees to take risks when appropriate; help mentees consider and weigh potential consequences of decisions and actions to avoid the pitfalls and predictable surprises that may occur.


By completing this form you are giving consent to the Melanin Medics team to use the details provided for the sole purpose of mentor-mentee matching.

Your information will remain secure and confidential. It will not be disclosed outside
of the unit until you have chosen a mentor, at which point your contact details will be
passed on to the mentor.




If you have specific question/ query about specific courses, send us an email to the necessary email address below and receive advice from someone experienced in that area.

Gap Year:

For Queries about applying to study Medicine with a foundation please direct your emails to the Undergraduate email address.