Personal Statement Reviewing Service

We know just how important your Personal Statement is when applying to Medical School, that is why we have a established the Melanin Medics Personal Statement Reviewing Service dedicated to helping prospective African-Caribbean Medical Students with their personal statement. Your personal statement may be reviewed as many times as you would like and the best thing is that it is FREE.

What our Personal Statement Reviewing Service includes

  • 3-4 working days response period
  • Honest and constructive feedback
  • We do not make direct alterations to the pieces but insert comments with suggestions on how you can improve
  • We try to ensure that your Personal Statement is reviewed by someone who successfully applied to a Medical School you are applying to
  • Your Personal Statement is reviewed by more than one person
  •  We provide structured feedback and focus on 8 Categories
    1. Motivation to study Medicine
    2. Work Experience/ Voluntary Work
    3. Realistic Insight into what a career Medicine could entail
    4. Demonstration of key skills & qualities e.g. reflection, teamwork, empathy, communication, leadership
    5. Academic Achievement
    6. Balanced Lifestyle e.g. hobbies & interests
    7. Conclusion
    8. Spelling & Grammar

Who will review your Personal Statement

Our Team of Doctor’s and Medical Students are very experienced with the application process and know what writing a successful Personal Statement entails. Our Applications Team is comprised of individuals who have a variety of experience applying for certain Medicine course such as:

  • Undergraduate direct entry after A-Levels
  • Undergraduate entry after Gap Year
  • Undergraduate with a Foundation Year
  • Postgraduate entry

How our Personal Statement Reviewing Service works

  • You email us at:
    • Your name
    • The Medical Schools you are applying to
    • The Type of Medicine Course you are applying for e.g. undergraduate, postgraduate, undergraduate after Gap year, Foundation year etc.
    • Copy of your Personal Statement
  • One of our Application Assistance Team Members will receive and review your personal statement
  • You will receive detailed feedback on your personal statement with suggestions of how you can improve it within 2-3 days

When our Personal Statement Reviewing Service starts

September 2018