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As someone with a Melanin Medics mentor, I am so grateful for this platform because it really is a place of insight. It plays a key role in making dreams into reality by defying social norms and empowering young melanin kings and queens via the Instagram content and blog. I’m at a lost for words for what this platform means

Prospective Medical Student

Melanin m=Medics has been a great help to me as it’s provided me with a fantastic mentor who encourages me and gives me motivation when I feel like giving up. Also the content on this page has helped me think ahead and what I can do next to further my studies

Prospective Medical Student

I absolutely love Melanin Medics! I consistently look forward to the very insightful weekly posts and the Monday Motivation quotes are always so timely!

Ayowade, 2nd year medical student.

What I love most about this platform is that it is a reminder that I am not alone.

Amoy, 2nd Year Medical Student

“The Melanin Medics Personal Statement Reviewing programme was of great help! They gave me great feedback which was very specific and in a format that I liked. Subsequently I received 4/4 Interview Invitations for my chosen Medical Schools!”

Prospective Medical Student