Welcome to Melanin Medics! Melanin Medics is an organisation dedicated to supporting the community of African-Caribbean aspiring medics, medical students and medical professionals in the UK whilst tackling the lack of diversity in the Medical Field and celebrating the achievements of African-Caribbean healthcare professionals. Our blog details the endeavours of UK Medical Students and Medical Professionals. The high’s, the low’s and everything in-between. From advice to first hand experiences, we’ve got you covered.

As someone with a Melanin Medics mentor, I am so grateful for this platform because it really is a place of insight. It plays a key role in making dreams into reality by defying social norms and empowering young melanin kings and queens via the Instagram content and blog. I’m at a lost for words for what this platform means

Prospective Medical Student

What I love most about this platform is that it is a reminder that I am not alone.

Amoy, 2nd Year Medical Student